Tuesday, July 21, 2009

mungaaru maLe - Anisuthide yako indu - lyrics (translations)

Here's another translation which a few friends had asked sometime back.

Movie: Mungaru Male [2006]
Starring: Ganesh, Sanjana Gandhi
Music: Mano Murthy
Lyrics: Jayanth Kaykani
Director: Yograj Bhat
Producer: E Krishnappa, G Gangadhar

anisuthide yako indu, neenene nannavaLendu
maayada lOkadinda, nanagaagi bandavaLendu
aha entha madhura yaatane
kollu huDugi omme nanna
haage summane...............
anisuthide yakO indu

I get the feeling today, at this time that you are the one for me - you're mine,
From a magical land, it seems you're here just for me,
oh what a sweet torment
kill me once O girl
generally like that....
I get the feeling today, at this time

suriyuva sOneyu sooside ninnade parimaLa
inyaara kanasalu neenu hodare taLamaLa
poorNa chandira raja haakida ninnaya mogavanu kanda kshaNa
na khaidi neene seremane
tabbi nanna appiko ommme
haage summane....
anisutide yako indu

each drop of monsoon rain, bears your fragrance
If you enter someone else's dream, it is me who suffers
even the full moon is on vacation after looking at your beautiful face
I'm a convict, you are the jail
hug me and embrace me just once
generally like that….
I get the feeling today, at this time

tutigaLa hoovali aaDada maatina sihi-ide
manasina puTadali kevala ninnade sahi ide
haNeyali bareyada ninna hesara hrudayadi naane korediruve
ninagunTe idara kalpane
nanna hesara kooge omme
haage summane.....

In your petal like lips, there are many sweet unspoken words
On each page of my mind, there is only your signature
Though your name is not written in my fate, I have taken pains to carve it in my heart
do you even have a clue about this (could you ever imagine this)
call my name just once
generally like that....


  1. Dear karuna, Thank u so much for the lyrics of the song & their meanings......it is really helpfull to understand the song & learning the song is much more easier.....lota of love & regards.....Anamkia

  2. much longing gift.thanks...........

  3. Please please translate 'obkondbitlu kanla' from Love in mandya to english. Thank u so much!