Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Joteyali - Geeta - lyrics (translation)

Movie : Geetha [1983]
Singer : SPB
Lyrics: Chi. Udayashankar

Joteyali jote joteyali iruvenu heege endu
Hosa harushava taruvenu innu endu
Ooo….entha maatadide indu nee entha matadide
Nanna manasina bhaavane neene heLide joteyali

Together with you, as always with you, I would be
A new joy I would bring today, everyday
Ooo… what did you say, today what did you say
The feelings of my mind, you have just spelled it out together

Preeti endarEnu endu eega aritenu (2)
savinuDiyali tanu araLitu
saviganasali mana kuNiyitu
olavinaa ee maatige
karagi hOde nOTake
koduve ninage baa preeti kaaNike joteyali

I just realized now what love is (2)
Because of sweet words, I bloomed like a flower
Because of sweet dreams, my mind danced with the wind
For these heartfelt words
I just melted away with that look
Come, I would give you a small gift of love together

mODadalli jODiyaagi tEli naLiyuva (2)
haaraaDuva aragiLigaLa
maataaDisi muddaaDuva
kaamanaa billEruva
jaarutaa naavaDuva
hagalu iruLu ondaagi maaDuva joteyali

Lets just float around together in the clouds (2)
Like free birds which can fly anywhere
And also speak and cuddle as and when,
Feel like climbing the rainbow
Feel like sliding down and playing over it
To make morning and evening just the same…. together


  1. Excellent Karunaji .. You have helped me a lot by translating this ..


  2. You are welcome Srikanth. My name is Supriya :) karunaaDa kannaDati - means a Kannadiga from Karunaadu (Karnataka) :)

    1. Supriya incidentally my name is srkanth as well .nice transalation no its not you wrote the soul of the song .though i do not understand kannada but i am instantly connected to this melody .nice action by late shankarnag my heart is burdened by his nostalgia yet so sweet of him .of course maestro illayaraja spb janaki the heroin every one is so refreshing .hmm you cannot replicate such things life has no reply

  3. Very Nice Song..Thank you very much Supriya ji ..

  4. Thanks a lot for the wonderful translation
    - Gajendra

  5. Thanks , This song i hear atleast 10 times in a week :-)

  6. Thanks Supriya... This song is awesone..Thanks for the translation.. You made my day..

  7. Karunnada,
    Thank you for that beautiful translation!
    I am a music coach teaching Bollywood Karaoke. This year I am dabbling in regional languages. This is great help to me.
    Thanks again!

    1. Good luck with coaching a beautiful kannada composition Abhi!

  8. Beautiful song.. like all the versions of it, Tamil Kannada and Hindi :-)

  9. Thank you for the translation. Beautiful.

  10. One of the most beautiful song and a an equivalent translation!