Thursday, September 17, 2009

jinke mari na : Nanda Loves Nanditha : Translation (Lyrics)

Song : Jinke mari na
Film : Nanda loves Nanditha
Singers : Karthik, Ranjith, Srinivas
Lyrics - Anand Ram

CH 1)
Jinke mari na? Jinke mari na?
Jinke mari na? nee Jinke jinke mari na?
Are you a little fawn? Are you a little fawn?
Are you a little fawn? Are you, Are you a little fawn?

CH 2)
Bhoomi mele naanilla, manasu kaige sigtilla (2)
nODtaLavaLu, nanne kaaDtaLavaLu (2)
On this earth I am no more, mind is no longer in control (2)
She looks at me, and she tortures me (2)
CH 1)

1) [Kaddu kaddu nODi neenu, nidde ildang maaDiddenu
Eneneno maDbitte neenu] (2)
yako kuntalle koorangilla, nintalle nillangilla,
yavattu hinge agilla. idu yake anta hELok agtilla

Slowly, stealthily she looks at me, I have totally lost my sleep
what all have you done to me, o girl (2)
Can't sit where I am sitting, Can't stand where I am standing
Its never happened before. Don't know why this has happened only now.
CH 1)
CH 2)
moDi maDO maLLi ninge hrudaya bittu kotte
girl who does magic, to her I have given my heart
CH 3)
hey muddu malle, hey muddu muddu muddu
hey nee muddu muddu challe
malle malle, malle malle,
malle malle, hrudaya kadda muddu malle
hey cute girl, hey cute cute cute
hey you are a cute cute girl,
girl girl,girl girl,
girl girl, girl who stole my heart

2) huTTidaginda….. huTTidaginda illiganTa, huDgeera tanTege hOdavnalla
bElina haki bandisbitlalla
avaLu nangaagi huTTavLeno, adak hinge maaDavLeno
iddalli telohangaytalla, avLna nODade nange irok agtilla

From the day I was born....From the day I was born till now, never bothered another girl

she has trapped me completely with a net
maybe she was born only for me, thats why she has done this to me
I am floating as and where I stand, I cant live anymore without seeing her

CH 1)
Yaru bEda yenu beda neenidre lOka beDa (2)
I dont want anyone, I dont want anything, As long as you are here-I dont need this world(2)
CH 2)
CH 3)


  1. this song when released almost became a cult song amongst taporis and cabbies. though the movie was a crap, the hero "loose maada" got a superb start. some weeks back i read that he is one of the busiest stars in kannada film industry.

    P.S.:- can't stop laughing when my 4 yr old cute cousin starts singing "jirale mari na, jirle mari na" while teasing the cockroach with a broomstick :-)

  2. nice translation , gives better meaning while listening to it.

  3. @KD - LOL. the 4 year old must be really cute in doing that. My 3 year old nephew dances to jinke mari na too ;) Of late his preference has changed to pappu cant dance sala :D