Wednesday, September 2, 2009

haLe pathre haLe kabbiNa - Junglee - Translation (Lyrics)

Movie : Junglee (2009)
Starring - Aindrita Ray, Duniya Vijay
Song - haLe patre haLe kabbiNa
Producer - Rockline Venkatesh
Director - Soori

Music : Harikrishna
Lyrics : Yograj Bhat
Singers : Kailash Kher, Sowmya Rao

[haLe patre, haLe kabbNa, haLe paper tara hoi
ee preeti ee prema balu bejar kaNo hoi ](2)
chandirana tookake biDu
sanje-yannu sale-ige iDu
bhoomina baaDige koDu, saaku
[lOkava mooTe kaTTu, baarolo cycle hattu
yatake doosra maatu ella time waste](2)

old vessels, old iron, old paper - go and get [hoyi is just used as poetic license: no special meaning]
this love, this love, very boring - it has become
put the moon on a weighing balance
keep the setting sun on sale
give the whole earth on rent, enough
[tie the whole world in a sack, cme on and get onto my cycle
why second talks about this, its all time waste]

shamo-lemo-lemo-lemo-lemo- She is sweet as ever (2)

huDuga: nODu mungaaru maLe, adaroLage hELuvude
ee preeti endu ati madhura, tyaaga amara
huDugi : nODuvenu O chinna, maaDibiDu tyaaga na
nintubiDu jOgada gunDiyali, biTTubiDu nannanna
huDuga: haLe hudugi hesare hELade naa,
ninagaagi saacha aagiruve
dina ratri manege baruvenu na, koneyavaregU

boy: watch mungaaru maLe, this is what they say in it
this love is always very sweet but, sacrifice is immortal
girl: I will watch it, O darling, please sacrifice for me
Stand at the great Jog Falls, and leave me there
boy : I wont even utter my old girlfriends name,
I will be very honest to you
everyday I'll directly come home straight, till the end


2) huDugi : naa oLLe reetiyali, kELuvenu preetiyali
hELibiDu tumba frankaagi preetisuveya
huDuga: neenidda toLinalli, kaLedELu janumadalli
idu nooru janumada contractu, maretiruveya
huDugi: kammi kaNo nooru janumagaLu,
bekenage kOTi maraNagaLu
appi hiDi nanna bigiyaagi, gOriyoLagU

girl : In a very nice manner, I ask with full of love
Tell me please, very frankly - Do you love me
boy: In the arms that you were in, in the last 7 births
This is a hundred year contract, have you forgotten
girl : a hundred births is too less for me, I need at least crores of death
hold me in your tight embrace, even in the grave


  1. funny song. I can see kannada music industry scaling new heights ;-)

  2. the translation r realy nice & to relish Kannada songs. could u please do the same 4 songs Hoovina Baanadhanthe, Yeela male aagiidu endu, ni jenke marina. or email to me at

  3. @KD - yeah true :D

    @Nik - Next post coming up as per your request :)

    1. Have become fan of your blog. Needless to say that my Kannada is getting better listening to the songs and simply skimming through your translations for words I don't understand. Can you also please post the lyrics of my Favorites - "Tara Tara Hidiside" (from Kempegowda) ? Thank you. (