Monday, August 31, 2009

ee sanje yaakagide : Geleya : Translation (Lyrics)

Song : ee sanje yakagide
Movie : Geleya
Singer : Sonu Nigam
Lyrics : Jayanth Kaikani
Music Director : Mano Murthy

E sanje yakaagide neenillade,
ee sanje yakaagide
E santhe saakagide neenillade,
Ee santhe saakagide
Ekanthave aalapavu, ekangiyaa sallapavu
Ee mouna bisiyaagide, e mouna bisiyagide

This evening - why has it come when you aren’t around
This evening - why has it come
This market – I am tired of when you aren’t around
This market – I am tired of
Loneliness itself talks to me dearly, I like the loner’s pleasant self talk
This silence is warm, this silence is warm.

Ee novige kiDi sokisi, maja nODide taragaNa
tangaaLiya pisumaatige, yugavaagide nanna kshaNa
nenapellavu hoovagide, mai ellavu muLLaagide
ee jeeva kasiyaagide, ooo ee jeeva kasiyaagide

the galaxy of stars watch the fun by igniting a spark for my pain,
Listening to the soft words from the cool wind – my each moment has become ages
Memories have bloomed into flowers, my body has become its thorns
This life has become lifeless, oooo this life has become lifeless.

neenillade aa chandira, ee kaNNali kasavagide
adanooduva usirillade beLadingalu asuneegide
aakaashadee kaleyaagide ee sanjeya koleyaagide
ee gaaya hasiyaagide eeeee ee gaaya hasiyaagide

without you - even the moon, looks like dust in my eye
Without enough breath to blow the dust off, the full moon has lost its charm and died away
The sky is scarred by this, this evening is killed (lost its glory)
This wound has become fresh again, eeeeee This wound has become fresh again.


  1. the picturization of the song is too good. one of it's kind in kannada film industry and yeah..the song is awesome too

  2. Totally agree. One of my favorites. I would have loved it better if Rajesh Krishnan or SPB sang it though.

  3. Hi,
    Thank you very much for the translation.
    This is an awesome song, very well sung and beautifully picturised, with great lyric in a wonderfully sonorous language, that is Kannada.

  4. I am a non kannadiga but like this song very much.I think Sonu Nigam has sung better than SPB.
    Thanks for putting the translation.

  5. @Naive, @Anonymous - You are welcome

  6. I am a kannadiga who cant speak Kannada..but a true lover of this language struggling to learn....Thanks a ton for the translation....keep the good work going...

  7. I first listened to this song on FM while I was in Manglore(2008). I am non kannada speaking pesrson but this song touched me. Then I was searching this song all over , I finally got it downloaded in 2011.Now I got the meaning of the song and lyrics . Thx!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. After "Anisuthidhe", this song touched me a lot. Though its very simple meaning, any one can relate this with their life and its applicable to every one.

  9. Song is good .. but picturaization can be better .. all they do is pour water on each other .. i am not a Kannadiga but try to understand the song by the translation .. definitely this is one good song after Galipata - Minchagi Neenu..

  10. Super song..........
    Best song for me.....