Sunday, August 9, 2009

araLuva hoovugaLe : My autograph - Translations (lyrics)

Movie : My autograph
Singer : Chitra

CH : araLuva hoovugaLe aalisiri
araLuva hoovugaLe aalisiri,
baaLondu hOraaTa mareyadiri
beLagina kiraNagaLe baNNisiri,
iruLinda beLakunTu tOrisiri
naaLeya nambike irali namma baaLali,
gelluva bharavaseyonde beLakaagali
manave O manave nee aLukadiru,
maLeyo barasiDilO nee naDeyutiru.

Flowers which are just blooming now, please listen to me
Flowers which are just blooming now, please listen to me

Life is a big struggle, dont forget this
Early morning sun rays - please describe for me
That there is light emerging from darkness - please show this
Let there be hope for tomorrow in our lives
Let the trust of victory lead us to light
Mind, O Mind - don't hesitate
Rain or thunderstorm - you keep moving on

manasu emba kannaDiyu, oDeduhOgabaaradu
baaLu ondu gOLu anta ODi hogabaaradu
yaarigilli nOvilla? yaarigilli saavilla?
kaala kaLeda haage ella maayavaaguvantadu
uLipeTTu beeLuva kalle shileyaagi nilluvudu,
dina nOva nunguva jeevave neleyaagi nilluvudu
yaarigilla aledaaTa? yaarigilla paradaaTa?
namma prati kanasu illi nanasaaago oLLe kaalavu munde ide
manave O manave nee kuggadiru
beTTa bayalirali nee nuggutiru.

The mind which is like a mirror - must never be shattered
Life is full of sorrow - saying so, it must not quit
who (here) doesnt have sorrow? who (here) doesn't face death?
As time moves on, everything gets shadowed
The same stone which you trip on, becomes a huge sculpture
The life which struggles and endures pain daily - becomes a role model and stays alive forever
who (here) doesnt have to strive hard? who (here) doesnt have to roam about to get work done?
every dream of yours - would become true one day - such a day is soon on the way...
Mind O Mind, please dont shrug
Mountain or a desert (bayalu : plain open land), keep forging ahead
nOvu nalivu annuvudu, baaLa railu kambigaLu,
naDuve nammadee payaNa, naguta saagu hagaliruLu
ene barali baaLinali, dhyeyavondu joteyirali,
ELubeeLu elladaaTi ELuteevi naavugaLu
avamaana ellarigunTu, ee lOkada drushTiyali,
naavellaru endU onde, aa devara srushTiyali
baaLigondu arthavide, hejjegondu daariyide
ninna aatmabala ninna joteyuiralu, aakashave angai-li
manave O manave, nee badalaagu
Ene saadhanegU nee modalaagu
Pain and happiness are parallel like the railway tracks
In between these is our jopurney of life, smile and travel, day and night
whatever comes along in life, see your destination clearly and keep it with you
Cross the ups and downs easily, and we would emerge successful
Embarassment is common to everyone in the eyes of this world
we all are always united as ONE - in the eyes of God and his creation
Life has a meaning, every step has a direction
As long as your inner strength is with you, its like having the sky in your palm
Mind O Mind, please change
whatever you have to achieve, do that immediately


  1. Doing a fantastic job.. Keep the good work going!!!

  2. Hi Realy nice translation, can get to relish the melodious kannada songs. could it be done for Hoovina Baanadhate, eela male aagidu indu, yaru kooda nine hage nanunu ninna prema pidita or email at

  3. Excellent work Supriya!!.. I am proud that you are my classmate :-)

    - Kiran Singh

  4. hi, really good work.. Can you translate songs from the movie Chinnarimutta? I'm dying to know.. tnx

  5. @Kiran - Thanks
    @Anonymous/Nik - Coming up.

  6. Hey Supriya! i have used your lyrics in my blog giving credits to you! i hope its ok! i appreciate your work. hope you will reply me!

  7. All the best Sandesh. As long as Kannada songs reach out to a wider audience, Im more than happy to be spreading the lyrics around and since you love to teach, its a good oppurtunity as well. Good luck.

    1. Hey, Karunaada Kannadati... Supriya, Good thinking. Well said... Good LUck!!!

    2. very meaningful... awesome job... keep going!!!...

  8. its nice song for disapointed hurt..... take care ACP

  9. Excellant translation madam, I am really relished by the lyrics as well as the translation

    Thank you

  10. this song is written by whom madam??

  11. awesome....excellent

  12. Thanks for this translation

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  14. Lot of strong affirmations in one song.
    I am think if we just listen this song every morning, we get full energy for the day to do great work and success.