Wednesday, November 11, 2009

mungaru maLeye enu ninna : mungaru maLe : Translation (Lyrics)

Disclaimer : I find myself incapable to translate this masterpiece with its full essense. I am just attempting to translate the word- meanings so that people who just hear the song and want to understand the wordings, can do so. But the overall meaning the entire song conveys is truly heart touching and I doubt if I can do justice with translation. However here it is.

Movie - Mungaru Male [2006]
Starring - Ganesh, Sanjana Gandhi
Music - Mano Murthy
Lyrics -Shiva, Kaviraj, Jayanth Kaykani, Yogaraj Bhat
Director - Yograj Bhat
Producer - E Krishnappa, G Gangadhar

mungaaru maLeye, enu ninna hanigaLa leele
ninna mugila saale, dhareya koraLa premada maale
suriva olumeya jadi maLege, preeti mooDide
yaava chippinalli, yaava haniyu muttaguvdo
olavu elli kuDiyoDeyuvudo, tiLiyadaagide
mungaru maLeye, enu ninna hanigaLa leele
Oh monsoon rains, what a power your rain drops have
your clouds are lined up, like the earth's lovely necklace
the continuous drizzle of your love that keeps pouring, gave rise to love
In which shell, which drop of rain turns into a pearl, in which place
where exactly love springs, I can't never make out
Oh monsoon rains, what a power you rain drops have got

charaNa 1:
bhuvi kenne tumba, mugilu surida muttina gurutu
nanna edeya tumba, avaLu banda hejjeya gurutu
hejje gejjeya savi saddu, premanaadavO
ede mugilinalli, rangu chelli nintaLu avaLu
baredu hesara kaamanabillu, enu mODiyo
mungaaru maLeye enu ninna hanigaLa leele.
On the cheek of this earth, the clouds have showered its kiss and left a mark
In my heart completely, is filled her footprints signifying her coming
footsteps and her anklets sound, is a lovely song like a lark
In the sky of my heart, she has spread color of a rainbow standing
she has written her name like a rainbow, oh what a magic
Oh monsoon rains, what a power your raindrops have.

charaNa 2:
yaava hanigaLinda, yaava nelavu hasiraaguvudO
yaara sparshadinda, yaara manavu hasiyaaguvudO
yaara usiralyaara hesarO, yaaru baredarO?
yaava preeti hoovu, yaara hrudayadallaraLuvudO
yaara prema poojege muDipO, yaaru ballaru
mungaaru maLeye, enu ninna hanigaLa leele
from which droplets, which part of land gets water and flourishes
from whose touch, whose soul gets wet and fresh
in whose breath, whose name does lie - who has written all this?
which flower of love, in whose heart does it bloom
whose love is meant just for sacrifice and prayer, who knows?
Oh monsoon rains, what a power your raindrops have.

charaNa 3:
olava chandamaama, naguta banda manadangaLake
preeti beLakinalli, hrudaya horaTide meravaNige
avaLa premadoorina kaDege, preeti payaNavU
praNayadoorinalli, kaLedu hOgo sukhava indu
dhanyanaade paDedu kondu, hosa janmavU
mungaaru maLeye, enu ninna hanigaLa leele
Oh lovely moon, which has smilingly arrived in the courtyard of my heart
In the light of love, my heart has gone around for a procession
to her city of love, its a lovely tour
In this city of love, getting lost completely itself is bliss
I have found this bliss today and grateful, for this new rebirth
Oh monsoon rains, what power your droplets have.


  1. Translatin 1 language 2 another dos dilute "essence" but jus to understand its ok & may be use ones own imagination 4 true meaning thanks Nik

    1. Translation does dilute the essence. But knowing something is better than nothing.

  2. Can you post the translation for "Amrutdhaare" song - "Giliyu Pinjal Dodiddalla"

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Wanted the transliteration to tease a friend :)

  4. Your translation is excellent. you've put great effort in doing that.Thank you.I am trying the same thing through my blog for Malayalam songs.

  5. I can't stop myself thanking you once again. The way in which you have written the lyrics, Caps for changes in use, good work.I love this song.

  6. Moral:
    Love is Sweet (Prema Madhuram)
    Sacrifice is Immortal (Thyagam Amaram)

  7. Awesome dude... i like it lot.. thanks for ur effort.

  8. This is the first kannada film i watched ever in my life !!!
    i watched it thrice form the theatre itself !!
    Songs are great !!
    and you translation is just wonderfull..


  9. Your translations are just amazing. I would like to add one more beautiful song to ur list..
    Could u please post the meaning of the song " Baanalli Badalaago " from Simple aag ondhu love story? Thanks